As a start up community project we need help in getting going and you can contribute if you wish.

How you can help.

  • Contribute financially

    To provide the daily diabetes service we have development costs, servers, licences, and store fees to pay. Purchasing the pro version of the app contributes to the continued development. However you may contribute directly if you wish.

  • Advocate

    If you like what you see then tell others. If not tell us. We strive to make the app a useful tool and welcome feedback or suggestions.

  • App testing

    We have a limited number of devices available to test the app on. You can aid the project by reporting issues that you find on your device so that we can fix them

  • Moderate

    Managing available items such as food diary meals is time consuming. We are making places available for key individuals to be able to edit, moderate and manage the diary by approving and incorporating requests for additions or changes. Watch this space for more information and how to join in and contribute.